P2 2017-2018: Mrs Harte & Mrs Braniff

Classroom assistant: Mrs Shaw & Mrs Kielt

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P2 walk to the postbox to post their Father's Day cards

People who help us 

Structured Play

P2 Help Mrs Harte with her Marathon training!!



Buddy work with P7

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert



Structured Play - Growing things



Measuring Jack`s Beanstalk

Structured Play

P2 Castle Espie Trip

Now, that's teamwork!!

Well done to Eloise and Olivia for donating their lovely locks to the Little Princess Trust. Between them they have parted with 60cm of hair for the Little Princess Trust.

Number 19 competition!!!!

Well done to this week`s winners.........Aaron, Maddie, Rosie and Freddy!!!

P2 Bird watching in structured play.

Number 18 competitions!!

Well done to this week's winners....Lizzie, Noah & Tom!

Number 17 competitions!!

Well done to this week`s winners......Archie and Aoife!

Number 16 competitions!

Well done to this week's winner...Sofia!




Watercolour Birds





Christmas has arrived in P2!




P2 designed and made pizza....yum!


P2 Autumn Walk Related image


Look what we've been up to in P2!


We cut up vegetables ourselves and created faces

like the artist 'Giuseppe Arcimboldo'!


We've spotted Number 11 EVERYWHERE!!


Finding NUMBER 12 out 'n' about!!


I see..........NUMBER 13!

Number 14...Number 14...Number 14...Number 14...Number 14...



P2 2018-2019: Mrs Brown

Classroom assistant: Mrs Shaw

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