P5  2020-2021: Mrs Millar

Classroom assistants: Mrs White


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Learning From Home

Wow! What a rollercoaster the last few months have been.

We've had our ups and downs but we've been there for each other and we've got through it together!

Well done P5 - you have been totally amazing and I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Have a fabulous summer. Stay safe and see you soon. Mrs M xx

We're back after Easter and getting stuck into our Term 3 activities...Stay safe everyone!

In Week 8 we did a lot of research on famous Egyptian pharaohs....the most famous of being King Tutankhamun. We learnt how to read hieroglyphs and created our own cartouches. Our numeracy topic was all about decimals and co=ordinates...those kept us on our toes!

Week 7 was 'Mummy Week" and we all went a bit 'Mummy Mad'....but we now know a lot about how to make a mummy....

We also had fun making a shaduf and trying out some shadow art.

In Week 6 we started our new topic of the Egyptians, learnt about probability, did loads of reading and writing and even had time to get outside and enjoy the sun!

Week 5 was the final week  on our Forces and Energy topic and we went out with a bang....designing spaghetti bridges and testing to see how strong they were....great fun!!

Week 5 was 'Weight Week'. We did some practical weighing for a purpose...with lots of yummy results!!

In Literacy this week, we looked at the possessive apostrophe, designed housework robots and looked at reading for details in our shared novel "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.

Week 4 was spent putting loads of time and effort into designing and making moving toys and machines.

We used all our knowledge of forces and energy to make our toys and machines move and had a fabulous 'Show and Tell' time together on Collaborate.

May the 4th be with you....sorry...we couldn't resist!

We hope you might find some inspiration from our quotes!

In Week 3 we looked at the forces of gravity and resistance and had lots of fun with our experiments!

...and we investigated 3D shapes and their nets, researched our favourite cereal and tried some tricky comprehension and Ultimate Tables challenges....whew!!

Week 2 was very 'attractive' as we investigated magnetic forces and designed our own games to play at home which used magnets.

We used the app PicCollage to show case the magnetic things we found around the house.

We wrote stories, did our spellings and number work and got outside to enjoy the fresh air.

We even gave Mrs Millar an idea for her classroom doors!

In Week 1 we found out about lots of different forces and made some cool Wacky Racers.

We did lots of practical work on capacity.

....and lots of other other things as well...

Have a look at our Term 2b work

Looking for interesting adjectives in our books.

This week we learnt how to draw the Taj Mahal by following step-by-step instructions....we think the results are pretty awesome!

There has been lots of weighing and measuring going on at home...and it looks like lots of yummy things to eat as well!

We have been keeping an eye on the weather in Northern Ireland and in a city in India so that we can compare the two different parts of the world. 

We have been finding fractions using things around our house.

Learning sign language in Roots of Empathy.

Captain Michael Meharg came into our class to give a fantastic talk about his job as a pilot and his journeys to India.

World Book Day

Can you guess which characters we are?

In Term 2a our new topic is 'Mighty Me'.

In this topic we are going to learn all about our bodies, how they work and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.

We will be giving ourselves lots of fitness challenges and we are going to be doing Chester's Challenge with Jessica from Chest, Heart and Stroke.

We will also think about our own feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Keep watching for up-to-date fun pictures and videos!

Helen Ong came into our class. She is a radiographer in the Ulster Hospital and she taught us all about the different bones in the body and let us see what X-Rays look like.

We were so lucky to have Dr. Rosemary Cochrane who came into our class to talk to us about all the interesting (and sometimes pretty gross!) things that she does as a GP. We learnt about the major bones and organs of the body.

William's uncle Darren, who is a dentist, talked to us about looking after our teeth and the importance of eating a healthy diet.

Thanksgiving Leaves

Tree Planting at Camphill

Christmas Singing at Holy Trinity

It was great fun singing for the Christmas Lunch at Holy Trinity. We liked walking up the hill to the Church. My favourite song was 'Rocking Around The Christmas Tree'. The best bit was that we all got chocolates at the end!


Symmetry Nature Plates

We used a lot of natural material to create these lovely stained glass effect Nature Plates. We all worked hard to make the designs as symmetrical as possible.

Primary Five Stone Age Day....we had such a lot of fun!

Our herd of Woolly Mammoths!