Over the hedge - after school club 

We are currently beginning to plan our new Afterschools for Glencraig Integrated Primary School, which will be called: 'Over the Hedge Afterschool Club'.

As I am sure you can imagine this is a logistical nightmare given the current circumstances.  We are hoping to attend a meeting with Social Services to be approved to open at the end of August.  

How we open may be slightly different to how we had initially intended to do it, we may, for example, need to start off in the school assembly hall as the portacabin may be out of bounds and used solely for the new nursery children while they settle in.  We hope to have further clarification around all of this very soon.

Unfortunately, we don't think we are going to be able to operate the breakfast club immediately.  As I'm sure you've all heard in the news, the intention is to have children in 'pods' or 'bubbles' when they return to school, having them mix in a breakfast club before they go in, will defeat the purpose of these 'bubbles'.  We really hope that this will change as soon as possible, it may even change over the summer while we are all off.

We would really appreciate it if you would take some time to have a think about what you might need for September and going forward to when all the restrictions are lifted.  If you have already let one of us know, then thank you, you don't need to contact us again, we have made a note of what you need.

There is also a possibility that our numbers may have to be temporarily restricted due to these 'play pods', which are a maximum of 12 children with two staff, this is mainly due to staff numbers.  We do still hope to be registered for our normal 40 children but thought we should make you aware there is a chance this may be lower for a while.

If you can make a note of the above email to contact us on with any queries and hopefully the next time we are writing it will be with more concrete plans for reopening.  We will be purchasing a mobile phone over the next couple of weeks and will send that number through too.

We will be putting together our new information pack, including extended opening hours, and opening during some holiday periods, but we will send these to you in due course.

Hopefully see you all soon!

Dawn & Kerry 

Contact: overthehedgeafterschool@gmail.com