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Foundation Stage apps

Daisy Dino

Basic coding game 



P2 Coding app      


 Switcheroo Zoo

Wild animal body swap game


 ZooKazam 3D animal app 

 Kids apps Maths activity

 Shape Up Lite drawing activity app

Foundation Stage web links

P1 TopMarks Maths and English 


P2 TopMarks Maths and English


Crickweb (Literacy and Numeracy)





























Key Stage one apps


P3 Coding app 


 WeeMee Avatar creator























Key Stage one web links 

 P3 TopMarks Maths and English


P4 TopMarks Maths and English


Crickweb Literacy

Crickweb Numeracy


Key Stage two apps

  Book Creator 

 Explain Everything Presentation app 

 Hopscotch Coding app

   Lego Fix the Factory Coding app

 FirstNews (KS2 newspaper) app 

  Math Fight: number fact challenge

 Symmetry Lite: activities

 Zentominoe Lite: pentominoes activity 

Key Stage two web links


Maths start of day links

P5 Numeracy activities

P6 Numeracy activities

P7 Numeracy activities

KeyStage2 Crickweb Numeracy



P5 Literacy activities

P6 Literacy Activities

P7 Literacy activities 

Crickweb Literacy

Internet safety

Key Stage two website

Scratch resources: Interactive Design(Coding)

Scratch is animation and coding software for KS2 pupils.

You can download the Scratch Junior App from iTunes to get you started.

Follow this link to register and play Scratch at home. Have fun coding!   

Click this picture below to download some scratch hint cards


Scratch activities and challenges can be downloaded below:

Level 1 challenges         Level 2 challenges   Level 3 challenges      



1. Felix and Herbert

2. Fireworks

3. Ghostbusters

1. Fruit machine

2. Fish Chomp

3. Desert Race

4. Christmas Capers

1. What's that?

2. Paint box