Pastoral Care and Child Protection

In Glencraig integrated Primary School we aim to work together with parents and other agencies as required, in order to protect children from harm and promote their welfare.

The Pastoral Care team consists of a Designated and Deputy Designated Teacher. Claire Gough and Janine Brown are experienced teachers within the school. They have received Pastoral Care Training from the Child Protection Support Service within SEELB.

Children are made aware of the relevant members of staff to approach if they require help through a variety of methods. These include termly assemblies, child friendly child protection policy, posters displayed in each classroom, use of “Listening Boxes” in each Key Stage and through Circle Time. Mrs Gough and Mrs Brown are available to offer support when required.

All staff, lead by the Pastoral Care Team and SEELB staff as required, undertake annual training to highlight their roles and responsibilities towards safeguarding and to promote shared responsibility and effective joint working.




Mrs Gough is our Designated Teacher

for child protection

Mrs Brown is our Deputy

Designated Teacher for child protection



Glen and Glenda Craig are our new school twins who will be helping to remind us all what our House point focus is for the month.  As you can see RESPECT is what we’re encouraging in school during October and we really hope you will support us at home too by encouraging the children.  Using nice words, taking turns and keeping hands to yourself can really help and in class that’s what we’re trying to encourage. This builds upon last month's focus of LISTENING and having respect for whoever is speaking. This Friday we’re collecting and counting the House points so far.  I wonder which House is in the lead? Watch this space!



House Team System


The pastoral team decided to encourage our pupils to have a sense of team spirit throughout the whole school.

We have allocated pupils from P1-P7 to '4 house teams'. Children in the same families have been placed together.

We hope to promote a sense of belonging, with all ages being mixed to work together as a team.



Team 1


Team 2


Team 3


Team 4


Mrs Brown Mrs Jeffers Mrs Crowe Mrs Harte
Mr Eaton Mrs Braniff Miss Yorke Mrs Wallwin
Mrs Calwell Mrs Shaw Mrs Gough Mrs Millar
Mrs McChesney Mr Spillane   Mrs Cowan


Our first HOUSE TEAM event was the planned sports day on June 1st 2012. All the children gained points for their house team by participating in each race. The winning house was the 'yellows' who received the brand new house trophy!