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Glencraig Integrated Primary School & Nursery Unit


P4: Mrs Gough

Classroom assistant: TBC


We start each year with a super topic on Holidays which includes lots of artwork and a trip to the nearby beach. Next we study the amazing animals, penguins as part of our Cold Lands topic with experiments on ice linked to learning about global warming.
After Christmas our topic is Colour & Light and we have great fun colour mixing in art as well as finding out what translucent, transparent and opaque means. Our fourth topic is Africa, when we discover all about the big 5 and create animations on iPads.
Our final topic is WW2, from a childrens point of view. The NI War Museum visit is one of our highlights as well as when we go on an adventure to Seahill train station dressed as evacuees and try out some delicious WW2 spam !
We also participate in the well-being programmes PATHS, Helping Hands which teaches P4 how to keep safe and Heart Start which is about first aid.
One of the most exciting roles for P4 is playing the lead parts in the Christmas Play! This year it was ‘Lights Camel Action, the Sequin’ which was enjoyed by everyone as it was recorded and released on the school website.
The topics covered in P4 include:
Holidays - all about me
Colour and Light

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