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Glencraig Integrated Primary School & Nursery Unit


P6  2020-2021: Mrs Millar

Classroom assistants: Mrs Wallwin, Mrs Patterson & Miss Barbour

P6 feel their class contract is a very important part of their classroom.

P6 learnt a lot from the Action Mental Health 'healthy me' workshop recently. 

P6 really enjoy learning in our outdoor environment.

P1 called by the window to visit their P6 buddies. 

P6 have been very busy in class getting up to lots of exciting adventures. 

ICT Links

Poster magic task

Viking homes

Viking life

Viking longships

Who were the Vikings?

P6 Scratch task

1b P1/P6 Buddy book template

P1/P6 Buddy book template

Interactive Tessellation activity

1a Newspaper template

1b Holiday Extras Spreadsheet

1b Holiday Extras task

1b Moving on: a refugee story

P6 Spanish Games - European Languages Day

Term1a Literacy

1a wk1  and 2 Verbs

1a wk3  Alphabetical order

1a wk4 Common Nouns

1a wk5 Paragraphs

1a wk6 Prepositions

1a wk8 Inference and deduction

 Term1a Numeracy

 1a wk1 and 2 Place Value

1a wk3 Shape and Space

1a wk6 Tesselations

1a wk6 Tesselations 2

1a wk7 Multiples

1a wk7 Multiple frenzy

Website for general maths resources 

 Term1a Topic:

 Viking longhouses

Poster Magic task week 1 -Homes

Poster Magic task week 2 - Longships

Poster Magic task week 3 - Life

Poster Magic task week 4 - Who were the Vikings?




Term1b Literacy 

The clocktower

The Last Game

The Reading shed

1b wk5 Adjectives and Adverbs 

Term1b Numeracy

1b Top Marks Fractions

Term1b Topic:

Europa Go - online activities on topic of Europe

EU website for children

(UDHR) Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Monet Water Lillies

National Geographic


UDHR Child friendly version

Let's Explore Europe
















Term2a Literacy 

2a wk1 Spelling

2a wk2 Speech

2a wk3 Superlative and comparative

2a wk5 Contractions

 Term2a Numeracy

2a Time

2a Time (2)

2a 24hour time

2a Currency 

 Term2a Topic:

BBC Natural disasters

ESA Kids

Kids connect

Neo Kids

Disaster fact sheets for pupils

Hurricane Katrina extreme video

Earthquake website 














 Term2b Literacy

2b wk3 Embedded nouns

2b wk4 Pronouns

2b wk4 Complex speech

Literacy General activities

2b wk6 Contraction match

2b wk7 Prefix and suffix

 Term2b Numeracy

2b wk2 Perimeter and area Swimming Pool Sid

2b wk2 Area explorer

2b wk2 Perimeter explorer

2b wk4 Function machines

2b wk5 Comparing lengths

2b wk5 Pricing packages

2b wk5 Reading weight and height

2b NRich activities                                                                               

 Term2b Topic:

Alexander Graham Bell

2b Light

2b Changing sounds

2b Sound

2b What makes a good inventor?

BBC Inventors and Inventions

World Music and composers

World languages

Language Distribution map




 Term3 Literacy

3 wk1 Syllables

3 wk2 NewsRound Fact and Opinion

3 wk3 Opposites

3 wk4 Conjunctions

3 wk5 Poetry

3 wk6 Proper Noun 

3 wk7 Story planning 

3 wk8 General Vocabulary 

 Term3 Numeracy

Pentominoes activity

3 wk1 Number patterns

3 wk2 Function machines 

3 wk3 Compass points  

3 wk4 Maps 

3 wk5 Area and Perimeter 

3 wk6 Measures 

3 wk7 Ratio word problems  

3 wk8 Ratio and Proportion 

 Term3 Topic: Space

NASA Interactive

Tim Peake - his story so far

The Space Race

Moon phases - Flocabulary YouTube

Earth's orbit activity

Earth and beyond

Moons and their dark side

Gustav Holst -The Planet Suite YouTube

David Bowie Space Oddity YouTube

Tim Peake facts

Space kids website

iBoard - Space info Level B book

iBoard - Spave info Level A book

The reason for the seasons

Earth's orbit of the sun

Rock sorting

C2K Newsdesk Space articles

NASA International Space Station

BBC Space





Buddy link 



1a Ladybird spots (use 1-5 only)

General Crickweb

1a The Gruffalo website

1a Pumpkin carving

1b Underwater counting

1b Gingerbread man game

1b Animal farm game

1b Down on the farm 1-5

1b Transport labelling game

1b Transport paint it game

2a Count with Artt

2a wild animals comparing lions and tigers

2a Freshwater crocodiles

2a Saltwater crocodiles

2a Alien lining up

Goldilocks sequencing activity

CBeebies minibeast adventures

3 Ladybird spots (use 1-5 only)